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Series StandingsJanuary February

medal qualifiers

as of October, 2019


Four Reel Farm series results

​Trainer of the Year:  Frederick Bouland

Lead Line
Ch – Graisyn Candler-Fable
Res Ch- Savannah Donnahoe
3rd- Livia Bollinger
4th- Avery Eiss

Ch  Digger/ Alia Dement
Res Ch- Dreamcatcher/Rylie Juarez
3rd- I Found Nemo/Siena Biesen
4th- Just Gabe/ Lyla Wall

Ch – My Kind of Holiday/ Eva Kleingarter
Res Ch- Pixie Dust/ Camille Grimsley 
3rd- Dreamcatcher/ Rylie Juarez 
4th- Dreamcatcher/Victoria Mueller
5th- She’s One Easy Chic/ McKenna Williams 

Future Hunter
Ch -Drama Queen/ Addyson Gauer
Res Ch- I Found Nemo/Brielle Norlie
3rd- Dreamcatcher/ Trista Rooney
4th- Mr. Jalapeno/ Eden Millmond
5th- Askem Nicely/ Kelsey Frost

Mini Stirrup 
Ch- Arendelle/ Kendall Dolan
Res Ch- Paycheck/ Alena Seangatith
3rd- Looks like Rain/Sophia Colin
4th- Paint by Number/Brianna Rankins
5th- Drama Queen/ Addyson Gauer

Young Stirrup 
Ch- Dan Delaney/ Kyle (Kylee) King
Res Ch- Arendelle/ Meg Ainley
3rd- Maddie/ Morgan Siebert
4th- Duke of Wellington/Anaise Toulouse

Silver Stirrup 
Ch- Alla’Can/ Tiffany Anderson 

Ch- Midnight Star/ Madeline Cottrell
Res Ch- Jacob’s Son/Makenna Dyer
3rd- Elle Chic/ McKerra Giles 

Children’s/ Adult 
Ch- Jurisdiction/Allison O’Neill 
Res Ch- Drama Queen/ Alyssa Gauer
3rd- My Island Dream/ Lauren Lay
4th- Georgie Girl/ Alison Jones
5th- Dreaming in Color/ Taylor Berch

Division 1 Jumpers
Ch- Winchester/ Allison Jackson
Res Ch- Severine/ Tony Stramaglia
3rd- Remington/ Ashley Gonwa
4th- Kirby/ Sofia Costanza

Division 2 Jumpers
Ch- Short Fuse/ Linda Mundt 
Res Ch- Tigger/ Paige Showerman 
3rd- Jubilee/ Sondra Barr
4th- Remington/ Ashley Gonwa
5th- Shaner/ Chris Christian

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