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Circuit Standings
updated 11/16/20
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2019 Four Reel Farm series results

2019 Sportsmanship Award
Ashley Gonwa

Rising Star Medal Final
Bridle sponsored by Greenway Saddlery
CH- Hannah Surmann
Res Ch- Elke Swart
3rd- Bonnie Slater
4th- Anna Mangoli
5th- Ayva Thorpe

Four Reel Farm Medal Final
Bridle sponsored by Greenway Saddlery
CH- Elke Swart
Res Ch- Abigail Iverson

AHJA Children’s Cat ll Medal Final
CH- Hannah Surmann
Res Ch- Morgan Siebert
3rd- Elke Swart
4th- McKenna Francis

AHJA Adult Cat ll Medal Final
CH- Ashley Iverson
Res Ch- Tillie Jenkins

Division 1 Jumper
CH- Clanfair Frostfire/Ayva Thorpe
Res Ch- Apple Jax/Elke Swart
3rd- Nativity Prep/Bonnie Slater

Division 2 Jumper
CH- Oliver/Sheryl Kelley
Res Ch Clanfair Frostfire/Allie Koss
3rd- Shaner/Chris Christian
4th- Apple Jax/Elke Swart

CH- Mr Mitch/ Hope Hawkins
Res Ch- Benny O’Meara/ Penelope Eichenberg
3rd- Walt Disney Waltz/Presley Defreitas

Walk Trot
CH- AR I’ll Be A Madonna/ Alia Dement
Res Ch- A Perfect Star/ Marlie Goldfarb
3rd- Red Fish Blue Fish/ Lyla Wall

CH- Sam I Am/ Madison Cargill
Res Ch- Dreamcatcher/ Rylie Juarez
3rd- Shine Bright / Emilie Bungener
4th – Cascade/ Brenna Jones
5th- All Rights Reserved/ Paula Andersen
6th- Lucky One/ Jessica Jarzombek

Future Hunter
CH- All Irish / Emma Forrest

Mini Stirrup
CH- Askum Nicely/ Kaylee McKinster
Res Ch- Tradition/ Sarah Sutherland
3rd- Dreamcatcher/ Megan Sellier

Young Stirrup
CH- Pajama Party/ Sydney Gordon
Res Ch- Lucky One / Rylie Foster
3rd- She’s Not Shy / Olivia Mundernoh
4th- Declan Z/ Eden Millmond
5th- Companion/ Hannah Surmann
6th- Shiloh/ Juliette Strublic

Silver Stirrup
CH- Quigley/ Gina Blake
Res Ch- Grayson’s Anatomy/ Christina Botsch
3rd- No Doubt About It/ Natalie O’Donnell
4th – Nativity Prep/ Bonnie Slater

Pre Children’s/Adult
CH- Apple Jax/ Elke Swart
Res Ch- Kramer / Tillie Jenkins
3rd- Cash / Shelly Park

CH- Georgie Girl/ Alison Jones
Res Ch- Drama Queen / Allyssa Gauer
3rd- Singapore/ Kyle Decker
4th- Apple Jax/Elke Swart
5th- Nativity Prep / Bonnie Slater

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