special class descriptions


  • Entry fee $30/team.
  • Fences .65m – .70m first half of the course.
  • Fences .70m – .80m second half of the course.

This competition is for teams of two riders. A horse may only compete once, but a rider may compete on more than one horse. First horse/rider will be given a baton to carry; after an audible tone, will then jump the first half of the course. At the designated area of the course, first rider will hand off the baton to the second rider, who will then jump the second part of the course. First two refusals penalized by time taken only. Third refusal incurs elimination. Missing hand-off or dropping baton will incur ten seconds added to the final combined time of both riders. Special prizes 1st – 6th. Sponsored by Off the Porch Performance Repair and Service.


  • Fence heights .70m – .85m

Riders will be given 60 seconds to jump as many jumps as they can. Each jump may be taken from either direction, but may only be jumped twice. If a jump is knocked down it receives no score and will not be reset. Refusals not to count other than time taken. At 45 seconds, tone will sound, and rider must cross start/finish line for time. Each jump is given a point value according to height and difficulty. Points are accrued with the highest score the winner. Joker fence may then be attempted one time. If clear, 100 bonus points will be added to the first round score.

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