2022 Show Results

2023 High Point Standings (as of 5/1/23)

2022 Year End Champions

Division 1
  • CH- Salty Senorita
  • Res CH- Valentine
  • 3rd- Harry Potter
  • 4th- Hashbrown
  • 5th- Bourbon On The Rocks
  • 6th- He’s A Charmer UF
PreSchool Jumper
  • CH- Apple Jax
  • Res CH- Bellisima
  • 3rd- Cause For Applause
  • 4th- Carbon Copy
  • 5th- Hashbrown
  • 6th- He’s A Charmer UF
Kindergarten Jumper
  • CH- Strive To Be Happy
  • Res CH- Marealyn Monroe
  • 3rd- Bellisima
  • 4th- Carbon Copy
Walk Trot
  • CH- Miss Exclamation Mark/ Kendra Gray
  • Res CH- Double O Seven/ Tinley Ruff
  • 3rd- Elle Chic/ Mia Lurie
  • 4th- Tokyo/Fiona Funke
  • 5th- Hannah/ Ava Shelley
  • 6th- A Perfect Star/ Iliana Torres
  • CH- Advent Hill Orla/Lexie Hess
  • Res CH- Tradition/ (William)Wilder Tian
  • 3rd- Cute As A Button/ Rebecca Cooke
  • 4th- Jack Frost/ Emma Ausdemore
  • 5th- Ademaro/ Izzy Stern
  • 6th- Dance Monkey/ Paisley Miller
Beginner Hunter
  • CH- Electra/Nora Pembrook
  • Res CH- Clyde/Stefanie Maass
  • 3rd- (tie) Elle Chic/Sophia Bosarge
  • Desert Rose/ Emma Ausdemore
  • 4th- Snow Buddy/ Maryn Foutz
  • 5th- Advent Hill Orla/ Lexie Hess
  • 6th- Dipped In Chrome/Rayne Tirella
Short Stirrup
  • CH- Lightning McQueen/ Avery Bird
  • Res CH- Cause For Applause/Isla Ryan
  • 3rd- Rise and Shine/Kaylee McKinster
  • 4th- Tulip Ranger/Sawyer Cochran
  • 5th- Iron I Sweet/ Ella Horton
Medium Stirrup
  • CH- A Silver Lining/ Olive Ryan
  • Res CH- Ladys Get Invited/Emily Dent
  • 3rd- To Infinity and Beyond/Courtney Ammann
  • 4th-Declan Z/Natalie Reams
  • 5th- All That Swag/ Elizabeth Chimbos
  • 6th- Loukas/Hannah Bell
Long Stirrup
  • CH- SVIZEL/Jessica Shupe
  • Res CH- Fancy Talkin To Ya/Ashley Iverson
  • 3rd- AL Marah Saturn/ Corrine Smith
  • 4th- Bourbon On The Rocks/ Carly Faul
Low Child/Adult
  • CH- Wisdom/Kooper Ibarra
  • Res CH- Eros/Natalie Chentfant
  • 3rd- Lucky Charm/ Kaylee McKinster
  • 4th- Loukas/Ella Horton
  • 5th- Rise and Shine/ Kaylee McKinster
  • 6th- What A Babe/ Violet Lenstrohm
  • CH- What A Babe/Violet Lenstrohm
  • Res CH- Gleam Of Hope/Marissa Carillo
  • 3rd- Golden Ticket/ Ania Heilman
  • 4th- Carbon Copy/ Dianna Cochran
  • 5th- AL Marah Saturn/Corrine Smith
  • 6th- Iron I Sweet/ Ella Horton
  • CH- Gleam Of Hope/Marissa Carillo
  • Res CH- Rapallo/Alaina Tetreault
  • 3rd- Carlchen/Ayah Ibrahim
  • 4th- Strive To Be Happy/Allie Koss
  • 5th- Apple Jax/Elke Swart
  • 6th- Golden Ticket/Ania Heilman
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